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Krafty Supply – Bogg Bag Charms and Bogg Bag Tassel to spruce up any bag

Krafty Supply’s adorable bogg bag charms and bogg bag tassels are a great way to spruce up any bag. Accessories for your Bogg Bag Tote allow you to personalize it for your lifestyle.

If you are wondering how to make bogg bag charms to personalize your bogg bag or any bag; you needn’t worry. We have the perfect solution for you.

Whatever your preference, we have a large selection of bogg bag charms on our website, including Asheville bag tassel, Southern beach bag tassel, Pecan Harvest bag tassel, Print art bag tassel, multi-colored tassels, animal print tassel, Boho tassel, and more.Fabric and ribbon tassels for accessorizing handbags, backpacks, baby bags, softball bags, and more are available on Krafty Supply. We do custom charms as well, if you do not find what you have in mind on our website. Just send us a message and we will customize the bogg bag charm according to your needs and specifications. Isn't it great?

Personalize your Bogg Bag to reflect your sense of style with the help of a number of available add-ons from Krafty Supply. Put your personal stamp on your bag with our beautiful and customized bag tassels, charms, and monogram bag charms. You can hang them anywhere on your bogg bag to make it your very own.  

Our Bogg Bag charms can be hung from your rearview mirror or attached to any bag you want.

This category includes fabric and ribbon tassels made to decorate your purses, bogg bags, diaper bags, softball bags and more!

Bogg Bag Charms

A Bogg Bag is the enchanted, one-and-only bag that serves as a convenient carry-all for whatever you could need. It is that lovely bag that is roomy enough to store all of your belongings, stable enough to stand on its own, and tough enough to weather any storm. Now, how can you resist the urge to decorate it? 

Bogg Bags are designed for travelling. Bogg Bags can be used for a variety of purposes! These bags are the ideal option for food, beverages, and other adventure supplies, whether you're traveling by car, hiking, or going to the beach. They are ideal for outdoor activities like camping and park picnics, as well as dorm showers. Regardless of where you go, they keep all of your equipment and accessories together.

Bogg bags are suitable for every occasion, but that doesn't mean you can't make your style statement with them. Krafty Supply has you covered if you want bogg bag tassels, bag tassels, monogram car charm or bogg bag charm. 

Monogram Bag Charm 

If you like to add your initials to your bogg bag, we have the perfect solution for you. We have monogram options available and we can even customize it for you if you want. You just have to mail in your requirements and we will make a special order for monogram bag charms.

Whatever you'd want to have engraved on your charm, we can make it happen. For each bag, we carefully coordinate the color of the ribbon and pom-pom to complement the bag's design.

 Key Chain Decor

Nowadays, keychains serve as more than simply a pretty way to carry your keys. In addition to being practical, a personalized keychain or custom key ring may double as a stylish accent piece.

You can quickly and simply upgrade the style of your bag, wallet, lanyard, or pocketbook by attaching one of these to it. Keychains provide personality to otherwise boring items since they can be customized to resemble and depict anything, from a beloved cartoon character to a portrait of a favorite Hollywood celebrity or a photo of your family.

Krafty Supply has beautiful personalized keychains for you with your heart-felt message written on them for your loved ones. We have keychains with initials for father and mother, Aztec leather print keys, tassel keys, and monogram key chains.

Skeleton Key by Krafty Supply 

Our skeleton keys are awesome and can be used for anything. You can use them for any occasion, from Halloween to a wedding! They look wonderful on display, but they also have practical uses as keychains and refrigerator magnets. We also provide options for customization and individualization. Therefore, if you have another piece of art or a different style key that you'd want us to reproduce and cut for you, we can accomplish it.

Customized Keychain by Krafty Supply 

If you like to give your parents a personalized keychain on Father’s or Mother’s Day or on their birthday, Krafty Supply has the exact keychain for you. And what is more, you can adjust it to your liking. We use laser engraving on a whiteboard.

“Pray more worry less” Keychain By Krafty Supply 

This "Pray More, Worry Less" Blue/White Keychain ID Case by grace & truth® is a beautiful and useful reminder to put your trust in Jesus and let go of your worries. God can take care of any issue on our behalf, no matter how large or small. This motivational gear is great for the office, the classroom, and the road! This handy case has a foldover snap that keeps your personal information safe and keeps the contents in place no matter how you carry it: in your hand, on a lanyard, or on a backpack.

Don't waste time worrying about mundane things like work and bills. Cast all your cares on God, and relax, knowing that He is able to take care of you and has a good plan for your life.

There are many other kinds of keychains on our website, and we are sure that you will find your favorite one among those featured, and even if you do not, we will design it for you. Just send us an email with the message you would like to be on it, and leave it to Krafty Supply to do the needful.

Monogram Car Charm

You may improve the look of your vehicle's interior with our high-end monogram car charm by simply attaching it to your rear-view mirror. Putting your initials on a vehicle ornament or mirror dangle is a fun way to add some personality to your everyday commute. Make a one-of-a-kind present for a loved one by customizing one from Krafty Supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to make bogg Bag charms?

Bogg bag charms are easy to make if you know how to do art and craft and have some interest in handicrafts. If you think it's tedious and have no interest in craft work, you can leave all your worries to us, and order a customized bogg bag charm by browsing the wide variety available on our website.

2. How are Bogg bag charms connected?

Have fun assembling these pieces, which are full of holes, to really demonstrate your sense of flair. Simply insert the Bogg bag tassels or charms into the chosen hole to install them. Simply slide it back through the opening with your thumb to remove it.

3. Does Karftly Supply customize the charms, tassels and other products?

 Yes, we do custom products. If you want any of the products customized, just send us an email with your specifications and we will reply within 24 hours.

4. Whom should I contact in case I need any information about the products?

You can either call us at 208-616-8458 between the regular business hours or send us an email at You can also contact us through the contact us page on our website by filling in the information and we would be glad to assist you.

5. What is the delivery time? 

When you place an order, we will provide you with an estimated shipment and delivery date. This date will depend on the stock status of your products and the shipping method you choose. Estimated delivery dates may be shown on the shipping quotes page, depending on the chosen shipping service.

Happy Krafting!