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Unique Car Charms by Krafty Supply - Add bling to your car!

Car charms are a classy accessory for any motor vehicle, and they are perfect for accessorising your keychain, pocketbook, or car's rear view mirror. They are a one-of-a-kind accessory that you can use in a variety of ways and give as a special present because of their ability to be personalised. Moreover, you can gift these car charms on a range of special occasions.

Harvard Health Watch found that the typical American spends 101 minutes a day on the road. This is probably a standard commuting time across nations. When you spend so much time in your car, it naturally becomes a significant part of your life. Consider that most of us spend more time in our automobiles than we do with our families and friends, or, in the case of some individuals, their own children.

With so much time being spent in cars, you would definitely like to add some sort of personal signature to your cars, trucks, and any other vehicle to beautify and decorate it.

What are Car Charms? 

Car charm decorations are lovely hangings that reflect your preferences and contribute to the ornamental quality of your vehicle. Car charms give your vehicle a more personalised look while also serving as a visual indicator that the vehicle is legally your own. You can find car charms in a wide variety of colors, dimensions, and styles. You may also have one customized or have one manufactured according to your specifications if you want to do so. Using a car charm might make it much simpler for you to find your vehicle in a parking lot from a greater distance.

Car Charms for Rear View Mirror

Car charms for rear view mirror look beautiful and may be used to identify the vehicle while it is parked. There are several sizes and designs available for the rearview mirror crystal vehicle charms, and you can put them on the rear view mirror to adorn your car. These sparkling embellishments may be a classy and a practical addition to any car's cabin, and rear-view-mirror car charms are a great way to make a vehicle more unique.

Car charms for rear view mirrors are great gifts for motorists. Car charms not only give your vehicle a more customized appearance but also make it easier to spot your vehicle in a crowded parking lot.Moreover, you can brighten up the drab interior of your vehicle by using car charms.

Personalized rear view mirror charms 

A rear view mirror car charm adds a touch of glitter and elegance to your vehicle’s rear view mirror, and what’s more is that you can get personalized rear view mirror charms for your car or any other vehicle you drive. You can get them in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs available on Krafty Supply. They will make your vehicle seem more dazzling, and you may draw attention to your ride with a trendy mirror car charm.

Personalized rear view mirror charms for your car will uplift your mood every time you sit in your vehicle and drive somewhere, and we are sure you will get many compliments on your choice of car accessories from Krafty Supply.

Monogram car charm from Krafty Supply 

A wooden monogram car charm from Krafty Supply looks great on the rearview mirror and would make a thoughtful present. We have 29 acrylic colors and 5 wood options to choose from. This bow has a pink base with glittery white dots, and the monogram is set in a white acrylic boho frame. That's the sweetest little sartorial addition to the automobile, as it's understated yet manages to grab your attention.

This vehicle charm consists of 3 wooden beads, ribbon, twine, and an acrylic initial, and there are many colors available.

This customized automobile charm is the ideal gift for everyone who has ever been an important driver in your life, whether they have just gotten their licence or have been on the road for 50 years.

A monogram car charm can be the prettiest decoration for your car’s rear view mirror. They come in various sizes, and you can get the perfect size by looking at our collection. We can customize it for you and can attach beads or ribbons or tassels as you would like. We can also add glitter if you want.

We're certain that you'll like this white acrylic monogram car charm with a boho style. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us.

You can purchase a car charm for each individual in your family, and we are sure that they will love it. If you’re a lover of bling, you may have your car charm embellished with hanging ribbons that will offer a distinctive flair to the interior of your car.

Krafty Supply’s Car Charms

Our car charms have two convenient attachment points: the rearview mirror and the shifter. All of them include a detachable loop that can be extended wide enough to accommodate most mirrors and then cinched down to the proper length. We take care to craft understated styles that won't get in the way of your vision or be cumbersome to attach.

Car charms are our specialty, and we design and make them in a wide range of styles, colors, and forms to adorn your vehicle and give as gifts to your loved ones. You can put a monogram car charm on the rear view mirror of your car to put a stylish signature on it.

Krafty Supply 

Our mission, since we started in 2021, has been to help you make your car's interior as unique as you are. We have experienced craftsmen and artists on our team of partners, and we manufacture customized car accessories according to the size, color, design, and embellishments you give us. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. It would be great to hear from you.

We are an Idaho-based arts and crafts business, and you can visit our online store to get the best car charms. Contact us at +1 208-616-8458 and order your car charm today.

We hope you have fun adorning your car.