Get spooky halloween decorations: Krafty Supply

Get spooky halloween decorations: Krafty Supply

For All of Your Spooky Halloween Needs, Krafty Supply Is Here!

When one thinks of Halloween, the first things that often spring to mind are simple Halloween costumes and the very finest sweets that one can't wait to gorge themselves on. This season, your whole home will have a one-of-a-kind and festive appearance thanks to Krafty Supply’s Halloween decorations!

Halloween Letters & Bag Tassel collection in USA | Krafty Supply

You may find both indoor and outdoor ornaments in our collection. Put up hand-painted Halloween instruments, get a Halloween bog tessel, or decorate your porch with eerie Halloween rocks to wow your visitors.

Do you want to decorate your whole home with Halloween spooky decorations? Krafty Supply has it all!

Treat your home to one or more of these Halloween decorations, and get ready to become the ghostess with the mostess this Halloween. Just remember not to be shocked when everyone in the neighborhood is talking about you on this Halloween eve.

Guaranteed to Make Your Halloween Spooky!

This Halloween, Krafty Supply has a range of products that will make your house the spookiest one in the neighborhood this Halloween Eve!

Halloween Bag Tassel

You can dress up any bag you carry with these very charming tassels by adding some more charm and flare to it! These are ideal for use with Bogg Bags, Diaper Bags, Simply Bags, Beach Bags, Toy Bags, Sports & Softball Bags, or any other bag you can think of!

These may be bought with or without a charm already connected to the tassel that they come on. If you so choose, you may add a charm.

Halloween SVG Files

Halloween Words

The Halloween SVG by Krafty Supply is of the highest quality and is super cute and fun! There is no need to adjust, unless you wish to change the size of your word! These would be wonderful additions to any beautifully furnished workplace, house, bedroom, front porch, or any other space you can think of!

Halloween Ghosts

Any house that has been decorated for Halloween will really stand out from the crowd with the help of this cute Halloween Ghosts and Boo Yall Door Hanger. You might make some enormous Halloween decorations by cutting a large one out of plywood and leaning it on your front porch.

These Cute Ghosts and Circle Spiderweb Boo Yall Door Hanger Outlines are of very high quality. There is no need to alter anything, unless you desire a different size.

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

There are seven spooky Jack-O'-Lantern pumpkin silhouettes included in this purchase. You may use your laser cutter or router to cut along the score lines and cut out the shapes.

These adorable Jack-o'-lanterns are the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations. One idea for Halloween decor is to have one made out of plywood and lean it against your front door to spook your neighbors!

Halloween Anime Pumpkin

Love Anime'? Like in the fall or Halloween? These adorable Anime Pumpkin SVG files are the perfect decoration for fall or Halloween since they combine the two! Cut these itty-bitty critters out, paint them, and then arrange them in your house anywhere your heart desires! It's a lot of fun to paint them!

Cute Bats

The addition of this adorable bat Halloween file will brighten up your fall harvest or Halloween wreath. Or, if you want to cut a large one to lean on your front porch, you can do that too! The workmanship and detail in this Cute Bat template are outstanding. There is no need for adjustment, unless you desire a different size.

How to Use SVG Files?

The SVG files are all really simple to use. All you have to do is

  • Obtain the file by making a digital purchase.
  • After you have paid, you will automatically be sent to the page where you can download the file.
  • Simply choose "Download," then download the files to your local hard drive, and VOILA! Begin to make the cuts!
  • Your email and the receipt will both include links to the files that you purchased.

Halloween Crafts Letters

Do you plan to Halloween-ize your classroom this year? Do you want some scary-looking letters for a sign to put in front of your house? Our carefully crafted letters will surely come in handy this Halloween eve!

Wasted Halloween is the name of the typeface that is used to create these spooky letters! These are great for a variety of Halloween decorations, including porch leaners, mantel letters, door hangers, and more. Send us a note if you require a different size than what we have available.

What is it that makes our letters so special? Because it is cut using a laser, the edges do not have any burr to speak of. These are completely prepared to be painted and used in your projects.

Halloween BOO Mantel Decor

You can use it to spruce up any flat surface, from a fireplace mantel to a book shelf to a kitchen countertop to a nightstand to a classroom desk. These are perfect for Halloween and would look adorable on a teacher's desk!

These detailed parts are created using a laser cutter, which allows for a high degree of accuracy. Don't fret about an improperly cut or uneven wood décor set. Before sending your Halloween mantel set to you, we check each piece to make sure it is cut correctly and will fit together well.

Although they are called "Mantel Kits," these lovely decorations would look great displayed anywhere! You may put them in a window seal, on an end table in the living room, in a child's bedroom, in the kitchen, in the entryway, or wherever else you wish!

Halloween Painted Rocks

Get some freshly painted Halloween rocks from Krafty Supply to add to your collection of spooky festival decorations. Use these beautifully painted rocks as part of your spooky Halloween display! You will get plenty of use out of them throughout the years to come! Because each rock set is hand-painted, there will be some variation from one set to the next. These rocks have been finished up with Mod Podge!

Shop with Krafty Supply for a Spooky Appearance!

It's finally the most wonderful time of the year. It's Halloween. This is the time for everyone to let their imaginations run wild and be creative all at the same time. Get into the spirit of things by decorating your house to scare the visitors.

At Krafty Supply, we have decoration items geared toward various age groups, like children and adults. Shop for all of your Halloween decorations here as soon as you have made up your mind about the Halloween party ideas you want to use this year.

If you want to celebrate Halloween as you've never done it before, you absolutely need to have a lot of different things in your bucket. Your children will get the impression that they are partying in a haunted home thanks to our spooky Halloween decorations!

Make the ghosts and monsters of Halloween come to life with the help of our SVG files, Craft Letters, Mantel Decor, etc. Shop at Krafty Supply for your creepiest Halloween items and make your home the talk of the area by shopping at Krafty Supply!

Oct 21st 2022

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